22 April 2021
Posted by Directors - DJ Wines Ltd

Is it to early for Gin?

In this video we talk about Sloe Gin or give it correct title Sloe Gin Liqueur. Are all Sloe Gins the same if not how do these differences occur and manifest in the final product?  Why are DJ Wines Sloe Gins more than 2 years old. Are you aware of the vast array of ways in which Sloe Gin can be drunk and used in your dining feast? This video takes you beyond using it in a hip flask.  

Once again we are delight to have Sophia Longhi of Skin and Plup with us. www.skinandpulp.com/links

Derek Jones Wines on Instagram: “Tasting the sweet and semi sweet Sloe Gin made by DJ Wines. Plus some tips on making delicious drinks and cocktails”

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